Multicultural Helsinki

We do it together

"Multicultural Helsinki"

Immigrants are a resource
Help them to establish microenterprises

Central Park is the lung of Helsinki. Let it stay like this.

Education in home language is important part of integration. We should give more support to teachers.

There are 1500 Thais living in Helsinki. Support Thai as a minority language.

About me  


     I was born in 1964 in Bangkok. My interest in politics was aroused twenty years ago and I have been a member of the Bangkok City Council from 2011 to 2014. My studies have also focused on politics and I have a PhD from the University of Bangkok.

    Five years ago I moved to Porvoo where I studied Swedish at Akan.

   Today I live in Magnuskärr in northern Helsinki. I am a micro-entrepreneur and work, among other things, with courses for Thais who want to take hygiene passes.

   I am the chairman of the women's network TWIN in Finland (Thai women's International network).

  For the past three years I have been married to Magnus Hertzberg, who works as a reporter at Svenska Yle.

   In my free time I like to cook Thai food and to walk in the central park with my dog ​​Chang and my husband.