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This is where I feel good, with Urai Anuntasin

Urai Anuntasin chose Ode as her #härmårjagbraiHelsingfors (here I feel good in Helsinki)-location!

Libraries in Helsinki have succeeded in keeping the doors open under strict safety restrictions due to Corona. This afternoon, we met up with Urai Anuntasin, who is running in the municipality elections of Helsinki. We make a quick visit inside the library to pick up books reserved in advance, wearing facemasks of course.

Why did you choose Oodi and why do you feel well here?

-I chose this place because, on the basis of my first impression, I could not imagine that Ode is really a library! The architecture is so nice. The building is very different from the libraries in Thailand and in Finland, too.

Urai appreciates the location and its beautiful views. From the big windows, we can see the parliament building and the music house. Urai continues:

-It’s very easy to come here by public transportation.

The building called Ode (Oodi in finnish) has 3 floors. Ground floor accommodates a theater and a restaurant, the second floor is a zone for relaxation while the third floor includes a corner for children besides a big collection of books. Before the Corona-lockdown, visitors could enjoy drinks or a cake in the café on the first floor. Urai explains:

-The library is like a living room for the people of Helsinki. You can read books with friends and family, and enjoy the views.

How about wellness in Helsinki, how can we develop Helsinki for all the inhabitants of our city?

-In my opinion, places like the Central Park of Helsinki should be preserved. We must protect this park as the lungs of Helsinki and never destroy it by building houses or office constructions.

Urai also underlines the importance of keeping the public health stations open for the people in different parts of Helsinki:

- Do not close them! Long distance commuting is difficult especially for elderly people and families with children. Remember that these groups of people usually don't have a car of their own.

She also wants to add the importance of supporting immigrants:

- We should help them start up their own small business by tutoring them through the heavy bureaucracy. It is also important to support children to study their mother tongue in schools by employing more teachers for them.

Urai hopes her political ambitions can become true for the sake of the people of Helsinki!

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